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What is Mulg II?

Mulg II is a simple yet addictive arcade game for the PalmOS platform. The game objective is to guide the ball to the target cross, passing obstacles and riddles along the way. Sound simple? Try it and see.
It was written by Till Harbaum, from Germany.
For more information about Mulg II, please visit the Mulg Homepage

What is MulgEd?

MulgEd is an OpenSource Java-based editor application for Mulg II games and levels.
With this editor, anyone can create exciting levels and games for Mulg and distribute them.
MulgEd is programmed purely in Java, and therefore can run on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, etc.
Future development of MulgEd is based on users other than me, and any good changes that will be sent to me might be added as official changes to MulgEd

Where can I get Mulg II?

Mulg II can be downloaded from Till Harbaum's Mulg page
Or it can be directly downloaded by clicking here (You will still want to visit Till's Mulg page to get more levels)

MulgEd is OpenSource

I created MulgEd so people will build and distibute levels all around the world freely and easily, and therefore MulgEd does not cost anything. Moreover, MulgEd is OpenSource, which means that the Java source code is distributed freely as well, and can be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License
This also means that you can freely distibute your levels that you create using MulgEd, and that MulgEd comes with NO WARRENTY.
However, I do appreciate remarks and suggestions about MulgEd (bug reports, development suggestions etc.)